What's Inside the Recess Face Mask...

When TOAST was created last year, the main priorities were creating products that used natural ingredients, packaging that's as environmentally friendly as possible, and everything had to be sourced within Canada. We're really happy with what we're doing right now and hope to only get better. You can learn more about what we're doing to be more planet-friendly here.

We've learned a lot about some pretty incredible ingredients, so many of which are safe and nourishing to the skin. Since we started, we've tested out some fruit extracts and have come up with a new product we're pretty proud of.

Introducing one of our latests, the Recess Face Mask! Let us tell you about it...

Before we get into the ingredients, we just want to say...this stuff smells amazing. Using blue agave, sugar and just a hint of cedarwood, for a moment it might just feel like vacation. Oh vacation...

Anyway, back to the ingredients and their benefits:

White and Pink Kaolin Clay: Absorbs oil Gentle Detoxifying Good for problem skin

Honeysuckle Extract:

Anti-bacterial Promotes anti-aging Good for problem skin

Cucumber Peel Extract:

Firming Antioxidant Cooling

Banana Fruit Extract



How to mix:

  1. Shake up the bottle with the lid on before use to loosen up the powder.

  2. Pour about 2 tbsp. into a small bowl with a tiny bit of water (or Just Oil for extra hydration) until desired consistency.

  3. Use a face brush/spatula/fingers to spread the mixed clay across face (or other problem skin areas). Layer the mix onto face if the mixture is too thin and it will dry fine.

  4. Take a seat and wait until the mask is fully dry and it starts to crack. You'll feel the cucumber peel at work!

  5. Gently wash off with warm water and a face cloth.

  6. Follow up with TOAST Yesterday Face Oil.

We hope you enjoy the Recess Face Mask. You can buy it here.

Have you tried it? Tell us in the comments below. We'd love to hear what you think :)

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